Introduction to Predictive Project Management – PPM

Predictive project management (PPM) strives for clarity and predictability from the start of the project till the end of the project. Predictive project management was the only project management approach till the agile and hybrid approaches got popular.

Predictive Project Management Workflow

In predictive project management, the project progresses in phases like;

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing

The key actors in predictive project management are;

  • Sponsor (Owner)
  • Project Manager
  • The Project management team
  • Project team

The sponsor drives the initiation phase of the project. During project initiation;

  • The business case of the project is validated and approved
  • High level scope is documented
  • High level risks are identified
  • Major constraints and assumptions are identified
  • Project’s management approach is decided
  • Key milestones are defined
  • Major stakeholders are identified
  • Most importantly, a project manager is officially appointed

All these are documented in the form of a Project Charter and Stakeholder register. The project charter is approved by the sponsor and released. Formal initiation of the project and the charter approval provides a good start to the project. After the formal initiation of the project, the project manager drives the project into the planning phase.


During planning the project manager along with the project management team develops the project plan which addresses;

  • Project integration management
  • Scope management
  • Cost Management
  • Schedule management
  • Resource management
  • Risk management
  • Quality management
  • Communications management
  • Procurement management
  • Stakeholder management


During the project execution phase, the project is executed as per the plan.

Monitoring & Controlling

From the beginning of the project, till the end of the project, the project is monitored and controlled.


Formal closing happens at the end of every phase of the project, which include the end of the project as well

That explains the natural flow of a project following predictive project management.

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