Key Stakeholder Identification

Before discussing about stakeholder identification, let us understand the term stakeholders.

Anyone who is affected positively or negatively, by doing a project, or by delaying a project is a stakeholder. In other words, anyone who has a stake in the project is a stakeholder. Here is a sample list of project stakeholders;

  • Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Project management team
  • Project team
  • Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Government agencies
  • End users of the product of the project
  • Environmentalists
  • Local politicians
  • Competitors
  • Statutory bodies etc ..

Identifying and managing the expectations of the stakeholders from the project is key to the success of the project. Hence stakeholder identification and management starts during the very early stages of the project and continues till the end of the project.

After identifying the stakeholders, they are classified into;

  • High power – High interest
  • High power – Low interest
  • Low power – High interest
  • Low power – Low interest

Based on these classifications, strategies are developed to manage the stakeholders. For example, the high power – high interest category of stakeholders must get a weekly update of the project. The high power – low interest category must get a monthly update. The low power – high interest category must get a quarterly update.

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