Communication skills

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Master precedence diagramming

Very true

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Do not loose your agility

In order to have an overall understanding of scrum framework, it takes only a couple of hours of reading of scrum guide. As per the founders of scrum, it is a framework which is easy to understand but difficult to implement. The reason being, it is a value based system than a rules driven system. … Continue reading Do not loose your agility

Some recent PMP V6 faq

If I use the older version of Rita, will it help to appear for pmbok V6 based exam? It will. Except for ITTO. Just do not follow the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs in Rita. For that refer to PMBOK. Do the chapter end questions of Rita. That will be useful. How important is … Continue reading Some recent PMP V6 faq

Traditional manager to agile leader

How is agile project management different from traditional project management?. True agile teams are self organising. The problem is given to the team and the team decides how to solve it and who will do what?. This is totally different from traditional project management based on task allocation where the manager decides who will do … Continue reading Traditional manager to agile leader

Stop trying to borrow wisdom..

“Stop trying to borrow wisdom and think for yourself. Face your difficulties and think and think and think and solve your problems yourself. Suffering and difficulties provide opportunities to become better. Success is never giving up.” — Taiichi Ohno Very much applicable for individuals, teams and organizations!. Ultimately wisdom is gained through hands on experience.