1. Most of the good project management positions require PMP certified professionals.
  2. PMP is the most popular certification for Project Management Professionals
  3. With proper training and mentoring, it is not very difficult to pass. It is never more difficult than one subject of your graduation.
  4. Over preparation is one of the main reasons for failure
  5. Good preparation include;
    1. Mastering the concepts
    2. Exam practice
  6. Exam practice without having clarity on the concepts is very risky and difficult
  7. If one do exam practice beyond a point, it become counter productive. In this case, the chances of the candidate loosing her confidence to appear for the exam reduces. The root cause is the poor quality of the tests which does not have any similarity to the actual PMP exam.
  8. A good balance of knowledge of the concepts, and exam practice using a good sample of questions is the best option. Keep doing the same sample questions again and again, till you consistently score above 85% score.
  9. As project managers, one need to have sufficient knowledge to interpret and understand the situations, and at the same time do not need in depth understanding. For example;
    1. You should know what is Present Value, Future Value, Net Present Value, BCR, Payback period etc and their impact on projects. You are not required to have the capability to work out these because the project management team will have experts (cost accountants) who can perform it for you.
    2. Crashing, Crash cost, Normal cost is another example
    3. Cost and duration estimation is another example
  10. This logic is applicable while preparing for the PMP exam as well.
  11. There is no dearth for free advice for PMP certification. If you listen to all free advice, that will make your journey difficult.
  12. If you can blindly follow the PMdistilled guide, tests and mentoring perfected over sixteen years, your probability of success on the first attempt is around 98%

“First of all, I would like to thank our mentor Abrachan Pudussery for providing the right material and direction to achieve PMP Certification through PMdistilled Program. I had passed PMP in my first attempt as course made my learning very easy without much relying on PMBOK and other resources. Our mentor had inspired very much with positive attitude and tips to clear PMP examination. I was glad to be part of this Institution.” Murali, USA