Agile is not scrum

Very often people use the terms agile and scrum interchangeably and that can be quite confusing for those who are new to the agile world. Agile is the umbrella under which there are several frameworks like; Scrum Extreme programming (XP) Test driven development (TDD) Feature driven development (FDD) DSDM - Dynamic systems development method Kanban … Continue reading Agile is not scrum

Scrum pages – New

I have added a new page Scrum pages. This is for those who want to get an over view of agile and an in depth understanding of scrum, which is one of the most popular agile frameworks. Keep following Scrum pages to understand and master scrum. If you are willing to pay for my time, … Continue reading Scrum pages – New

Project portfolio management

Organizations have business goals to achieve. These business goals are achieved through execution of carefully selected projects, programs and other work which are in true alignment to the organizations strategy to achieve their business goals. There are three stages to project portfolio management; Selection of the right projects, programs and other work, which has the … Continue reading Project portfolio management

Programs and program management

Collection of inter related projects When done together gives more value than doing them one after the other Managed by program managers The individual projects that constitute the program are managed by project managers. These project managers report to the program manager Improving the traffic sysyems within the city to eliminate traffic congestions can be … Continue reading Programs and program management

Do not become what you do not like. A weekend reflection.

I have come across many project managers (with PMP credential) and scrum masters (with CSM) with absolutely no passion for their work, hence ending up like glorified secretaries who ends up doing just what other stakeholders ask them to do. All they have is the basic knowledge of the jargons and practice tests. Most probably, … Continue reading Do not become what you do not like. A weekend reflection.

Projects and operations

Projects have definite start and end dates Projects deliver unique products or services Projects are temporary in nature. Upon completion the team is dismantled Projects are constrained by the limited resources of time, cost and scope A project is considered as successful if it is completed within the agreed upon time, cost and scope, and … Continue reading Projects and operations

Which certification to pursue?

Which certification to pursue?..that is a million dollar question which every professional face, at some point in time of their career. This discussion is based on which certifications one should pursue, after making a concrete decision to tread the project management route. Within project management, we have two major schools; The agile project management Traditional … Continue reading Which certification to pursue?